Travel Tips For Venice

Check out some Travel Tips For Venice when visiting this great city in Italy. Are you visiting this famous city of Venice? If not put it on your list to visit while in Italy, the atmosphere and city vibe is something unique to this city, and so is the architecture.

Ponte della Paglia

Ponte della Paglia Bridge

1. Traveling around Italy, use the ItaliaRail train network. We highly suggest you PREBOOK your train tickets when traveling from any large city to the next, they book up very fast during the summer months. Book at least a day before travel or more.

2. It’s a busy city with the locals going about their day, and the busy tourist months (July & August). Keep your valuables tucked away, and behind zippers.

Water Bus

Water Bus

3. Venice does not have any vehicles in this city, so everything is done by foot, or traveling on the water. You can always catch the local water bus, water taxi, and better yet the gondola around the city for a pretty penny.

4. Visit the many local shops for the local blown glass and many more cool items that are unique to only Venice. There is also many kiosks selling the tourist souvenirs.

St. Mark's Square

St. Mark’s Square

5. Take a map, but be prepare to still get lost. Enjoy the time wandering around the city and finding the little gems, such as museums or the small ice cream parlours.

Did you know? St. Mark’s Square can get some water in it during the night, when the tide is in! But is completely submerged in fall with more then a foot of water.

Hope these Travel Tips for Venice help you travel to the city and around the city when visiting Europe. But are you thinking of visiting Rome? We have some Tips For Rome.