Visit Calella Spain

Heading back to the main land from a week of Scuba Diving in Palau, Italy from the Sardinia lsland we jumped on a quick flight from with Vueling airlines, and well under an hour we were landing in Barcelona, Spain. We choose to visit a smaller town north of the big city, so navigate the huge airport terminal and onto the small coastal train we were heading to a small town to visit Calella Spain

Calella Beach

A place where the locals like to go.

A few hours of exploring this place from one end to another, you can understand why it’s loved by locals and tourists. With a beach within minutes of walking from almost all the hotels, plus the “main street” is only a few blocks. So much to do, eating, shopping, activities in this town and the neighbour towns just minutes down the road. Which is where we sent 1 day of diving with the crew from the only hotel that did any diving in this area.

IMG_8440One place to check out, and an easy walk or quick drive is the lighthouse. It was closed when we walked by, just confirm what days it is open.

We did locate a hiking path, and a map jus incase we got lost. Not that you could even if you tried. With 3 different hiking/walking paths to choose from: RED – Route of the Squirrel, 1 hour, 3 km long, easy, 100 meters of elevation. BLUE – Route of the Comorant, 1.5 hours, 3 km, easy to medium, 150 meters of elevation. YELLOW – Route of the Fox, 2.5 hours, 10 km, medium to hard, 300 meter elevation gain.

Puig de Golinons Lookout

Puig de Golinons Lookout 269m

So we took the challenge of following Route of the Fox. It looked and sounded the most rewarding, and it truly was. It took us about the 2 and half hours to complete, but we did not rush at all. We did some off path exploring, and spent some time to enjoy the view.

Coll de l'Era d'en Móra 183mFor us, this was more of a long walk, and not really a hike, if you are wondering what type of hikes we enjoy the most check out this amazing hike in Austria. Everyones ability is different, but there is 3 paths to choose from. We did pack some water and snack just incase we did get lost. The path is easy to follow, and navigate. There is some beautiful views to enjoy.

IMG_8483While furthest from town, you will discover more pathways to take and explore.


Early morning Calella street

While our time in town was short, we did do some exploring. You could find us mostly on the beach, walking or hiking. We did find some places that were cheaper to enjoy a cold beer or some delicious dinner. This usually didn’t include the beach, but the view was always nice to have with dinner. We did pick up a beer or two for the beach, which didn’t seem uncommon to everyone else there. But not sure if it’s legal or not. The street are small and easy to roam around both day and night. Also easy access on the train from Barcelona.

IMG_2251We visited end of August, and the weather was absolutely beautiful and hot! A recommendation if you are looking to kick back and relax while in Spain., come visit Calella Spain Do pick up a map from your hotel, everyone here is supper friendly and more then willing to assist.

Visit Calella Spain