Backpackers Island Caye Caulker

Caye Caulker – The backpackers island, wait that’s a lie.

Caye caulker beachThe Belize Cayes are so very beautiful and offers a much different feeling then Belize City does. The 2 most popular Cayes are San Pedro or Caye Caulker. With all the stories and advice from the locals, we picked Caye Caulker! (I think we made a good choice). We aren’t up for the party all night, but we are always happy to find a beach bar to enjoy. Caye Caulker sounded more for us.

caye caulker main streetEveryone refers to this island as the Backpackers Island Caye Caulker, which yes I would agree, there is a lot people on the island that have a backpack. The roads in Caye Caulker are ALL sand, so good luck pulling your rollers thru that. But there is no massive resorts, no all inclusive packages or Americanized infrastructure here, no food chains. Which makes everything all the more authentic, and a great place for any traveller or backpacker to call a paradise. It’s very easy to wander around the few streets with no shirt, no shoes, and no problems.

Belize ExpressHow To Get Here: Take the water taxi, cheapest and depending on where you are leaving form, there is plenty of water taxies a day, we used Belize Express from Belize City. If you are going for a day trip, don’t miss the last boat, unless you wanna to spend the night on the island. Or plane, there is a tiny little runway located on the edge of the ocean.

Highlights of Caye Caulker

  • SCUBA Diving – We used Frenchies Diving
  • Snorkelling tours
  • Nature walk on the north island
  • Southside Pizza – Best pizza on the island. Stop by and see Lexie
  • Sports Bar & Grill for the best night life
  • The Lazy Lizard
    •  Located on The Split, caused by the hurricane
    • Great location to watch sunsets or jump in for a swim

Did you know that Caye Caulker only has about 3,500 full time residents. And there is only 7 vehicles on the island total, and it’s for work purposes. The transportation on the island is by foot, bike, or golf carts (which you can also rent). The island is easily coverable by foot, you can probably run from one side to the other in less then 30 seconds in some parts. The streets are also simple, cause there isn’t many of them.

If you are looking for a relaxing island to enjoy the sun, do some fishing and maybe some diving? This is it.

sunset caye caulker