Don’t Skip Belize City

Wondering if Belize City is safe to travel to? When you hear the tour guide tell you it’s only safe with them, it’s a lie and a tourist trap! Like all cities, yes it has crime, or the “not so good area”. BUT, after spending 5 days here in Belize City talking with the locals and the tourist, this is why you shouldn’t skip Belize City, and some advice about the city.

DSC03456THE PEOPLE – Don’t Skip Belize City

There is always people begging for money (again, it’s in every big city). Other people are happy to talk to you, and share either education about the city with you, and hope you give them a dollar or two in return. Every person who we talked to, asked us to share with our friends and family about how safe Belize City is, and send the word back home. We couldn’t agree more, and this is why you shouldn’t skip Belize City!! The shops usually close down around 9pm, and that’s when most people are off the streets, so it’s not in your best interest to be out after that.


Easiest and quickest way is to get a taxi. ALL TAXIS HAVE GREEN LICENSE PLATES. If you are a tourist, and walking down the street, expect the taxi drivers to slow down or even stop, honking the horn, and maybe even yelling to get your attention. They just want to know if you want a ride, they aren’t all cat-calling. The other option is the bus, cost is only $1 BZ.

The Red Bridge

The Red Bridge


Every day, you will see a team of people walking around with large orange bags, cleaning up the litter from the streets. It a problem in all major cities, and it’s a problem here too. Within the tourist area, there is less garbage to be seen but still some trash.


Tourism Village – Has all the touristy stuff you need (and don’t need). Here you can find all the vendors trying to sell you something, and usually being very pushy. Here you will find a lot of police, and they are all wearing different colours. There are police for just this area and is there for the tourist. Then the municipality police and federal police.

Diving Belize CityScuba Dive – Of Course! There is much to see with more dive sites then you can visit, and famous Blue Hole. We spent the day with Sea Sport Belize, and the experience was over the top.

The Rum Factory –  Take a tour around and learn about the Belize rum cost is about $10 USD, or taste test a large variety of rum. 2 shots for $1 USD It’s worth a stop, it’s not located down town.

Island Hop – Catch a water taxi over to any of the Caye’s. Most popular is San Pedro & Caye Caulker. The Belize Express Water Taxi has good rates, and offers the most boat times. Round trips are about $35-$50 BZ depending on where you want to go.

The Ruins – There are many Mayan Ruins to choose from in Belize. Jump on with a tour guide, or take a taxi. They are located a 1-3 hours outside of Belize City and mostly up the Hummingbird highway.

DSC03455The Extra’s – You Better Belize It

Beer – the local beer is Belikin, which isn’t to bad, cost $2.50 BZ at the store or $5.00 BZ at the pub

Electronic Plug-ins – Same as North America

Currency – Belize Dollars (BZ) or American (USD). Exchange is $2 bz to $1 usd

Languages – Everyone speaks english, and they speak it just fine. They also speak some spanish, or their native language Kriol.


Hope some of these things encourage you to visit Belize City, and Don’t Skip Belize City.