Diving Sea Sport Belize

Diving Belize CityIt’s Belize, you gotta go diving. You better Belize it! Try it for the first time too if you really want too! We jumped on board with Sea Sport Belize, conveniently located downtown Belize City on the only tourism street. The bonus of this shop and their location is just out there backdoor is the ocean, and the boat is parked right there. So no driving required. Just show up and jump on!

Our boat only had 7 experienced divers, and 2 snorkelers. Which, the snorkelers had the luxury of having their own island to snorkel on for the day. This island is now tiny after the hurricane destroyed a few years ago. I was almost jealous of their secluded island, but then why snorkel when you can dive.

Remora In Belize CityThe highlights from our 2 dives was we found an very large and annoying remora whom decided to hang out with us the entire dive. At first it was cool to see him, but that changed as he wanted to suck onto someone. With large remoras comes even larger creatures in the water, we however did not see what he was attached too.

Roughtail StingrayAlso found an extremely large Roughtail Stingray hiding in the sandy patches. We had the pleasure of looking over him for a a few minutes as he didn’t bolt as we all came over, after he let us have a good long look over him he slowly swam away ever so gracefully.


Belize city IslandThe highlight of the day was lunch. Well not lunch it’s self, but the location they took us too for lunch – an island with only one full-time resident, and 5 cute puppies. We had the chance to get off the boat, and relax. Have some lunch, explore the island which was really neat to see how they survive off the ocean and very little. Just the simple things you need.

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