Reverse Culture Shock

A few Reverse Culture Shocks we had to adjust to after surviving Hurricane Irma in the British Virgin Islands, when we moved back to Canada until our next step and adventure. From the tiny island life back to little house on the prairie.

Here are just a few things that were a shock and had to adjust to again!

  • Chips (or crispes) don’t become soggy after being opened, even weeks later!
  • Every small piece of dirt on the floor or wall IS NOT a spider, it is just indeed just dirt.

  • Everyone drives ssssoooooooo fast, always in a rush to get some where. And there are actual lines on the road.
  • It’s cold and dry. Even before winter arrived.
  • The internet is fast!! And reliable.
  • We haven’t eaten any ants since we’ve been back in Canada. We can leave things on the counter again without the ants over taking it or finding cockroaches in the drawers.
  • Hot shower! And reliable water and pressure.
  • Getting dressed consist of long underwear, good pair of pants, 2 pairs of socks (1 has to be wool), long sleeve shirt, followed by t-shirt, biggest & warmest hoody you own. 

  • The white snow is nice, but so is the white sand.
  • The cost of fuel to get anywhere, every time we think of going somewhere it’s $20 for fuel

It’s taking some getting-use-to have access to so much stuff and crap, and options when in the grocery store that it’s over whelming sometimes. It is nice to know that the grocery store receives fresh produce every day (or other day), rather than mondays (and that is IF the boat arrived with the shipment).

Holding our breath on potentially returning to the British Virgin Islands to finish what we started, we didn’t realize how hard it is to leave an unfinished chapter with such a dramatic end to it, the story must go on!