Kodiak Queen | Below Water

After the help from Richard Branson and his team, and numerous hours from volunteers to get this old WW2 boat ready to sink, see what it looked like Above Water to make this diver safe and most importantly environmental friendly.


Originally a WWII vessel known as USA Navy YO-44 that survived the bombings of Pearl Harbour in 1941 (only 1 of 5), then decommissioned as fuel tanker and the records from there become a bit scares, spent a few years as a Canadian fishing trawler, then smuggling fuel into the British Virgin Islands, which lead to it’s dilapidating life as it was trying to slowly sink peacefully and forgotten about. Until someone caught a glimpse of the name on the boat, and rediscovered the history.


Accessible easiest from Virgin Gorda, but also very achievable from Road Town, Tortola. Marked with 2 mooring buoys (which are for commercial vessels) off of Mountain Point on Virgin Gorda, and within feet are numerous day buoys. You can even find it on Google Maps with the name BVI Art Reef!

Scuba Diving or Snorkeling

Newly certified to dive? This is within you limits to see with a max deep of 60 feet / 18 meters, with the majority of the best stuff to see is about 30 feet / 10 meters. If you want to see the best and make the most of your bottom time, the team at Sail Caribbean Divers are happy to show you the gems on this dive site and with exceptional customers service too.

The Kodiak Queen offers lots to see, with a reef off the bow, lots of schooling fish in and around. Cool things to see on the top deck, a few windows to look in and swim throughs. If you are a competent diver with adequate training then you can penetrate to see the few corders that are open to the divers.

If diving isn’t your thing that’s ok! The Kodiak Queen is visible from the surface with snorkel gear with lots to see, both the wreck and the ever growing marina life that is accumulating. The kraken  Do keep a keen eye out for crazy dingy drivers and big boats, wear something highly visible such as a snorkel vest.

About The Kodiak Queen

  • Length 155 feet (47 meters)
  • Beam 29 feet (9 meters)
  • Water Temp: December – April 80-82’F (26-27’C)
  • Water Temp: May – November 84-85’F (27-28’C)
  • Visible from the surface. Average vis. of 40-80 feet
  • 2 mooring buoys
    • 1 Off the stern about 20 feet (6 meters)
    • 1 directly attached to the bow
  • The massively custom designed Kraken to promote coral restoration and marine life artfully

Inside The Kraken

Diving Reminders 

  • Max depth at this site is 60 feet (18 meters)
    • Top of the Kodiak Queen deck is 25-30 feet (8-10 meters)
  • Plan your dive and dive the plan. (We don’t suggest diving hungover or while under the influence)
  • Dive within your limits
    • Don’t penetrate the wreck unless you are trained
    • Dive with a computer or within the RDP table limits
  • Take a buddy with you – it’s more enjoyable anyways!
  • Don’t touch or disturb the environment with fins, hands, or dive gear
  • No hunting of fish, lobsters, etc (it’s a very big  fine within the national parks)
  • Take your SMB (Surface Marker Buoy) with you, deploy before surfacing to notify boats or use the mooring line to descend and ascend safely
  • Don’t forget your SAFETY STOP – 3 minutes at 15 feet (3 meters)
  • Incase of the unlikely event and ANY emergency arises anywhere in the British Virgin Island while on the boat don’t hesitate contact Virgin Island Search And Rescue (VISAR). They are a proud team of volunteers there to help you.