Our First Steps To Traveling

Our First Steps To Traveling And Making Our Dream Come True

It all started with a trip to Cancun with our friends that we meet traveling, then off to Toronto, Jamaica, and then a few more trips to western Mexico, and quick 14 days in Europe. We have visited 8 countries together, a total of 47 days away from Canada, as of Spring 2014. “But” There was something inside both of us that wanted to see more.

Spring Walk

Spring Walk

Here in Alberta Canada, we both grew up in small community’s and have always enjoyed our back yard of the great Canadian Rocky Mountains, camping, dirt biking, quading, fishing, boating, hiking, scuba diving, sky diving, and much more exciting activities. Pretty much anything  “That gets are hearts beating fast” because adventure is calling us.

Now we strive to have adventures in the other great countries of the world and interact with the many great cultures. So we put a world map on the kitchen table and asked each other, “So, where should we go next?” Well, after hours of research we both came to the conclusion we want to experience them all, our list was just too big.  But can we afford it, was the next question. However if we really want to follow through with traveling and not just go for 2 weeks vacation every year we would have to sacrifice! Next day we listed both are trucks, dirt bikes and camping trailer for sale. Booked out flights, now we have a our goal. “If you truly have a goal you must work for it”. We know we can’t see all the countries but The First Step Is To Take A Step!  Check out our Downsizing Blog of what we sacrificed to make traveling a possibility.