Pre-Departure RTW Checklist

Sticky Notes Check List

Thinking about traveling and for more then just 2 weeks? Check out what is on our Pre-Departure RTW Checklist for long term travelling that we completed as 2 Canadians preparing for an adventure of life time. Feel free to add some ideas for your own list as well.

  • Travel Insurance
  • SCUBA Diving Insurance
  • Vaccinations – Not sure what you need? Find out HERE!
    • This is what we got before 6 months before the RTW. We were lucky enough to have great medical coverage and took that opportunity to pay the money now instead of later.
    • Polio booster
    • Tetanus
    • HEP A & B
    • Typhoid
    • Yellow Fever – A Must have!!
    • Malaria (picked up the pills)
    • Rabies
    • Possible Extra’s if you need them – mumps, measles, meningitis?
  • Visit the dentist: clean teeth, remove problem wisdom teeth, fill cavities.
  • Update address if needed and forward old mail to a reliable address (Thanks Mom & Dad)
  • Inform that bank of our your plans
  • Make sure debit & credit cards are valid for your complete trip
  • Check expiry date on Passports & ID’s
  • Which counties need a Visa to enter? Find out here
  • Find the best backpack
  • Sell House (that saved us a ton of money). Moved back home for a short time (really short)
    • Cancelled gas, electricity, town water, garbage & recycling pick up, house insurance, cell phone

      Goodbye To Our First House

      Goodbye To Our First House

  • Find safe & cheap long term storage
    • Sell useless crap you don’t need or can’t take with you. Pack up the bare minimum.
  • Photocopy Important Items such as Passports, insurance, travel documentation, usernames/passwords. 2 copies (His & Hers), 2 Copies for family
  • Remind family and friends to come visit any time
  • Create a budget! *Most Important*  Daily spending budget & the debt budget
    • Monthly and yearly expenses. 1 time purchases.
  • Cancel or change cell phone plan, unlock phone if possible
  • Pick out traveling gear, make a list of clothing and items. Revise it again. And again.
  • One last Hair Cut
  • Replace watch batteries. Charge all other batteries before leaving.
  • Book the plane ticket(s)
  • Get married with 3 weeks notice like we did
  • Quit your job if you haven’t already
  • Final goodbyes to family and friends
  • Catch a ride to the airport and start living your next adventure

Did we miss anything? What would you do differently? Hope this gives you a good list of ideas to inspire you to travel.

Wedding Day
Wedding Day

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