The Liebster Award


 The Liebster Award

Today we, (Tyler & Melissa) got a surprise message from another traveler, and it was Irina from Are You Happy? It wasn’t just any other message or notification but informing us that she nominating us for the Liebster Award. After having a quick look as to what this entailed I can see why Irina was happy to share the Liebster Award with Snowbirds In Training and 9 others whom qualified. A great opportunity to meet new travelers, and connect. After reading what Irina had written, we were most defiantly interested, and wanting to fill in our answers! We are excited to share our story and experiences, and see what other travelers have to blog & share. A very big thanks to Irnia at Are You Happy? And nominating us!!


  • Thank the blogger who has nominated you
  • Answer the ten questions
  • Nominate another 10 travel bloggers (with not more than 600 likes or less)
  • Ask them 10 questions



1. What inspired you to travel?                                                                                                                                        The curiosity of what else is out there. We soon realized that not everyone lives their lives the way we do in Canada or western Canada to be exact. We are on a mission to see more places, and learn more about different life styles, cultures, and our history as man on earth. But also to meet great people.

2. If you could move to any city in the world what would your choice be?                                                                  As of today I don’t think we have an answer to that question, we haven’t found that city/town/village that has our name on it. We know of many places calling our name, but not sure we could move to location. We aren’t the city type of people, we would be more drawn towards the small towns or villages where we can enjoy the simple things.

3. Do you prefer to travel with a backpack or with a trolley?                                                                                         Our preferred method of traveling is with backpacks!! And we love them, we have always enjoyed have to opportunity to just get up and go, while also having our necessities on our backs. The trolley type luggage has never had the WOWing moment for us in our travels.

4. Which was the strangest food you ever ate while on road? Would have to say the food in Germany on our last Europe trip, we indulged on a plate of all German meat, while it was all great food, some of the meats were different then what we were expecting, also no complaints.

5. Which are your favorite on the road books?                                                                                                           Books are not what we tend to read while on the road, but more the newspapers or information on the location we are in. Better yet – BLOGS!

6. What was the most important object you forgot at home and proved to be necessary when traveling?             We would have to say a flashlight! On a handful of trips we have mentioned how nice it would be to have a flashlight or torch. Nothing big, but something simple and small. We have now since found our user friendly flashlights.

7. Do you have a travel nickname or any other name that your friends or people you met gave you while traveling? Our nicknames are really just our names shortened up, Mel & Ty.

8. Where you ever tired when traveling?                                                                                                                        Yes, because we had a limited time and had a handful of countries to visit. Our last Europe trip was 2 weeks, and 4 countries with our traveling friends. We didn’t see enough, so we are going back.

9. Which is the funniest experience you can remember from your travels?                                                               We found our selves 2 steppin’ (a country dance) in a German bar all night, because we met some good Italians that were buying us drinks, but they didn’t speak English so we used his nephew translate for us over his phone.

10. Which is the country you visited where people smile the most? The country we have seen to date that smile the most is Jamaica. While everyone is always happy and smiling, they are always cheerful, even while it rains. They call it “Liquid Sunshine”.



1. What sacrifices did you make to make traveling your dream?

2. Where are you traveling to next, and why?

3. During long term travel, what’s your preferred method to stay in touch with family/friends back home?

4. What is your favorite way to travel, and why?

5. What continent do you feel most comfortable traveling to?

6. What country did you meet the most friends?

7. What are the top 3 countries on your to-do list, and why?

8. What place surprised you the most? Good or bad.

9. What’s the one location you would return to over and over?

10. What is your travel style that make you different?

Looking forwards to see how many answers come of this. Safe Travels, maybe we will see you on the road.