How My DSLR Held Me Back & Why

IMG_0930Since planning and prepping for our RTW trip, we have re-evaluated what we are will to drag around the world with us. The question Tyler asked me was, do you really want to bring that huge camera with us, the Canon T3i with the 18-55mm lens, plus the 55-250mm zoom lens. My answer a year ago, ummm YEAH!?! You don’t have to ask me that twice.


My answer to that this time? Ummm, No!


Not again will I bring my large DSLR camera on a huge trip while travelling. When I was looking through our photos from our Europe Trip, you could see how the DSLR was actually holding me back! My love for taking those photos while in the moment, and those quick snaps of a moment in time was missing. Don’t get me wrong, I still took 8,000 photos but my style wasn’t the same. While traveling Europe, I would find myself using Tyler’s small camera to quickly take that moment, and then pocket it, no big deal right? Well after traveling for almost 3 months in Europe it added up, and I had only realized it once I got back home.


7 Reason How My DSLR Held Me Back:

1. 90% of the time, it’s packed in my LowePro Passport Sling bag. So quickly unpack (zipper, grab camera strap, remove, remove lens cap (if it was on), power up, click, check the photo) to take a couple of pictures, now do that 25+ times a day.

2. OR? Option #2: Keep it around your neck……. all day. It actually is a little heavy after a couple of hours, and the strain from not just one strap, but 2 straps on my neck and shoulders.

3. If you don’t already look like a tourist, this most defiantly will hit the nail on the head. Visiting Prague was like visiting the outdoor Camera Store.

4. Had to be carefully into the large backpack when traveling, don’t crush it!

5. An amazingly expensive camera doesn’t take awesome photos. Just like a new stove won’t make your cooking any better.

6. My biggest fear, was having the camera knocked over, dropped, damage or worse, stolen! Everyone knows what a good camera looks like, it looks like a DSLR

7. Oh yeah, how about that zoom lens here. Guess I will use it only because I am packing it around Europe. FYI – used it less then 5 times, but it’s been all over Europe in a safe bag.

After hours of research and testing different cameras, I found what it was looking for – The Sony A6000. Read about my review on it and why I love it, but how it works for you too!

These examples are just my mine and my experience with this camera while traveling around Europe for 70 days. I realized this large camera and I don’t have as much in common as I had hoped. Understanding the type of photography I do, and how I decide to capture those moments made made me realize that the DSLR wasn’t the best choice of camera for me. It might be for someone else, or everyone else. I just wanted to share with you my story and how my DSLR held me back and why. I will post another blog with more details about the new innovation Sony A6000 and its benefits!

Life wasn’t all bad with Canon T3i. It did help me understand and explore more of the professional world, and truly appreciate those who use the DSLR to it’s full potential. It also allowed me to slow down, stop and look behind me and build my patience.

Thinking about dumping the DSLR and making the jump into the mirror less camera? Put the Sony A6000 on the short list, and find out the pro’s & con’s HERE.

The best camera you can have, is the camera you have on you. Who doesn’t have a phone without a camera now of days!


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