Why You Should Visit San Juan del Sur

san juan del sur

Why you should visit San Juan del Sur

It’s has a nice relaxed and easy going feeling to this town! We came for only a few days, and regretted we didn’t stay longer!

It’s easy to find a beach front bar to enjoy the beautiful ocean view or watch the sunset. It’s also very easy to find a bar that will go all night, there is many restaurants and bars on the beach and throughout San Juan del Sur. Of course you will also find the local vendors wandering around trying to sell their stuff to you, plus there is lots of little shops selling touristy stuff. Between all the shops, restaurants and bars you will find surf shops, and other activities to do in the area.

This is also the place we also found the largest concentration of Canadians and Australians travelling around central america, there was a few people from the United States and Europe

There is lots of beaches north and south of San Juan del Sur, some are better for surfing, others swimming. They are only accessible by a shuttle, taxi or ATV.  You will also find more remote and relaxing places to stay out on the backroads between the beaches and San Juan del Sur.


THINGS TO DO IN San Juan del Sur

  • jesus statue nicRent Quads for a few hours or a day
  • Surfing at the best beaches around
  • Visit the Jesus Christ statue (walk, taxi, drive)
  • Explore the beaches to the north or south of town
  • Yoga
  • Pub Crawl and/or Sunday Funday (big pool parties)
  • Volcano trips
  • Scuba Diving
  • Zip Line Canopy adventures
  • Explore the beaches to the north: Nacascolo, El Toro, Marsella, Maderas, Majagual
  • Did we mention beaches? There is more in the south too: Remanso, Hermosa, Yankee, Escameca, El Coco, La Flor, Brasilito, Anima, El Ositonal, Mansanillo, El Naranjo!

How To Get San Juan Del Sur

henry the taxi driverIt’s easy to get to this place from within Nicaragua, and also from Costa Rica. If you need tips to cross to border we got that covered HERE. In Nicaragua you can jump on the local buses from Gernada or Managua and take them south to Rivas, from there you can take another local chicken bus to San Juan del Sur or jump in a taxi. The cost is about $20-25 usd (depends on how many people are in the taxi), and they will bring you right to your hotel.

We had the pleasure of using Henry as our taxi driver which was very helpful, and even picked us up bright and early when we had to leave! Here we found you won’t get the usually taxi like cars you do in the big cities, so be prepared to ride in something you owned in high school.