Everything is Brighter in Brighton England

IMG_8414With only 3 days in England, and mostly to be used to adjust for the jet leg from western Canada, which is a 7 hour time difference, we still managed to pack in a few items and activities! Since we have visited England on our first trip over, we didn’t see London this time, instead kept it simple and trekked around Brighton & Hove. The first day of arrival we enjoyed a fantastic home made meal with our travel friends, and basked in the sun while enjoy the garden catching on the latest stories. The first adventure out the next day was to find a local shop for some coffee and easy breakfast, which turned into a beautiful walk down the local path to the store. A nice walking path with lots of trees, and some very helpful locals.

Devil's Dyke

Devil’s Dyke

We both greatly enjoy the outdoors and hiking around to explore, which we found our way on a walking path. Our friends took us up a 5 mile trail to a beautiful outlook point called Devils Dyke, which offered a huge varity of trails in all directions. The Devil’s Dyke is a very large valley of 300 feet, which formed from the runoff in the Ice Age. With a great view we found a fantastic restaurant to have lunch and enjoy. The double decker bus with an open top roof travels up there from the city center of Brighton almost every hour, another nice way to see the country side and enjoy the beautiful weather.


IMG_0274We took the double decker bus from the house down to the ocean front, and for some Canadian’s who don’t normally take buses or double decker buses, what an nervous yet exciting ride! For just a couple of euros you can catch the bus in almost any direction you please. Best of all, the bus signs and routes are easy to understand.


Couple things to-do in Brighton: enjoy the peddle beaches, walk up and down the board walk with the large variety of shops. The Brighton Pier offers restauarnts and the amusement park, with and endless supply of sweets, treats, and ice cream!

The Church of Saint Helen's

The Church of Saint Helen’s

England is full of old buildings and history is on every corner. We came across one of the many old buildings in England, as it was only a church, but thats not all. Taking a closer look at the old and spooky church with the grave yard, we took a walk around only to discover that the church is still used today! We discovered that The Church of Saint Helen’s is the 11th oldest church in Brighton & Hove, with a date of around the 1093, making it over 900 years. Just crazy old and still in use today.

Most locals come down to Brighton and the beach when the weather is beautiful and there is sunshine to enjoy. Brighton and Hove is located about 1 hour south of London on the train and is a beautiful place to visit and see in just a day’s trip. Brighton has more then just a beach, but also churches, museums, cinemas, and some very beautiful streets and stores. Making everything brighter in Brighton England.

From Brighton we had pre-booked our flight from Gatwick over to Brussels, Belgium to celebrate our friends birthday, and taste some local beers! Check out our Bruges, Belgium Blog