Travel Tips For Europe

The Need To Know Travel Tips for Europe

Graz The Teddy Bear

Graz The Teddy Bear

This is a few things we seen and experienced while exploring Europe for the 2nd time, and it never gets old, and you don’t learn it all the first time. We hope you find this list helpful one way or another, just a couple things we noticed and would like to share with you!

1. Space is limited!! So bathrooms can be small or tiny. At some hotels, they are shared.

10704055_10152553977011749_3049029120610502755_n2. Twin beds are just two small beds usually pushed together. (Offers a peaceful sleep if you ask us.)

10175058_10152553977741749_883881440983379299_n3. Draft beer comes in many different sizes depending on where you are. .5 litter or 1 litters is most common, sometimes .3


4. Train stations aren’t that stressful, but buying your tickets a day or two in advance would be an asset.

6. Trains are better then planes. Bigger bathrooms, A/C, leg room, restaurant car, on time +/- 10 minutes

7. You can drink your own beers on the trains (only if they have a restaurant car)

8. Buy your electric plug adapters in Europe, they are built better and cheaper, but can always exchange if needed. England is different then most of Europe.


9. July & August are very busy during tourist season, pack some patience

10. Booking Hotels? One easy & safe website is Offers real reviews, large variety, and many different filters

11. Take coin change with you every time, the public bathrooms charge you. Bonus is they are usually clean €.50 or €1

12. Not all European countries use the euro; Example:
      – Poland uses the zolty, zł
      – England has the pound, £

      – Czech has the crown CZK, Kč

13. Pack a rain jacket or umbrella, and keep it with you as much as possible.

14. Theft is a possibility in your country, and the country you are visiting. Put your valuables out of sight, behind a zipper is a good idea.

15. Not everyone speaks english. But ask politely if they do speak english.

16. Bicylces are very popular in some countries (Netherlands, Belgium) it’s their way of transportation. So stay out of their bike lanes.

17. Smoking is popular everywhere in Europe.

18. Look both ways for 3 types of transportation : traffic, bikes, and people. Some places are very busy with all 3 of them at once.

19. Make an effort to learn “Please” & “Thank-You” in their language, it will get you much further.

20. Carbonated water is common, so check what type of water you are purchasing.

FullSizeRender21. France – greet your server as quickly as possible, before you sit down. It’s the polite thing to do in France.

22. If the train ride requires a train change, ask the agent to print out the details or write them down.

23. The bigger the city, the more less fortunate people you will find. If you sit on the edge of the patio, they will come by asking for money, sit one table in from the edge.

24. Don’t feel rushed when you travel, stop and take a breath (or a coffee/tea). Then head out on a good foot.

10459909_10152649189441749_5089238110956313506_n25. Coffee? The safest thing to order in our opinion is a cappuccino, but even those varied country to country.

 FullSizeRender26. Enjoy your Europe Trip! You will not regret doing it – Explore new cities, meet new people, try new things, enjoy the culture & people.
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Thanks for reading our blog by two Canadians!