Shore Diving Grand Cayman

Top 4 Places to shore dive while in Grand Cayman other than boat diving on the 370+ dive sites in the Cayman Islands! We lived as dive instructors and boat captains in Grand Cayman for 2 years until COVID, so we took our long over due holiday and headed to Canada for the summer. We would like the share some hints, tips and information that could make your holiday the best one.


This is probably our favourite dive site from shore, and the place we take customers too with Sunset Divers and even shore dive on our days off! Shallow reef (50ft/15m max.), lots of fish life, macro life, Melissa’s favourite lettuce sea slugs are common here, if you have a keen eye nudibranch can be found. 9.9 times out of 10 you will see the tarpon hanging around the Grotto, lazily floating there and almost don’t move out of your way until the last second.

The highlight of this dive site is the swim thrus that can be short where you can see light out the other side, or the long swim thru that takes you all the way from one side of the reef to the other. Durning August/September, it’s well known for the millions of silver sides that collect in the swim thrus creating a very unique dive experience that you will be taking about for years to your dive buddies. We still brag about it, and we dive it weekly.

You don’t need a flashlight for this dive, but it is nice to look in all the nooks and crannies to see what crustaceans are hiding in there (Lobsters, arrow crabs, lion fish). When you collect your tank from the dive shop, check out the dive map and get a briefing from the staff so you don’t miss anything. This dive can be as quick as 25 minutes, or as long as your gas/deco time allows.

Silversides at Devil’s Grotto

HOUSE REEF at Sunset House

Yes, we do work for Sunset Divers but that’s not why we put this dive site on the list. It has something you won’t find on any other divest in the Cayman Islands – A MERMAID!!! Who doesn’t want to see an underwater mermaid?! Oh there is also a boat wreck, a cruise ship anchor, and a coral nursery on this dive site.

This reef is nice and shallow which gradually gets deeper towards the mini-wall with a depth of 55ft/16.7m where the 10ft/3m tall mermaid is located. Almost within view is the 60 ft long Nicholas wreck located in 65ft/20m, and if you continue pass the wreck, you will find “The Big Wall” which will take you down to the bottom of the Cayman Trench 25,217ft/7,686m.

Lots to see on this reef, can be done in 1 dive but much more enjoyable with a few dives so you can explore around and not rush to see everything. Offers something for every diver, if you like the deep, fish life, wrecks, or just a nice shallow dive to take pictures. Plus when you are done diving you can enjoy a cold beverage or a bite to eat right there at My Bar.

LCM David Nicholson Wreck

MACABUCA at Sun Divers

Entrance into the ocean is very picturesque on its own. Below the surface you will find the mini wall running along, with isolated coral heads dotting about, the usual sand patches between the walls and coral heads. Offering lots of marine life to see both big and small. Bonus is a beautiful Resturant to relax at after your dive.


The other unique statue to see while diving in Grand Cayman would be the 17ft Guardian of the Reef. Another beautiful and lively reef including a mini wall around the 40ft/12m depth and if you venture far enough out you will find the main wall which drops off down to the abyss of the Cayman Trench.

Other locations to shore dive in Grand Cayman include Don Fosters dive centre, Cayman Diving, or from a few beaches such as Spotts Beach or Smith Cove.