Travelers Review On The Sony A6000

forget.medConsidering buying the Sony A6000? Let me share with you my review of this compact mirror less industry changing camera! I made the switch from my Canon T3i and jumped into the Sony A6000 Spring of 2015, and no regrets. Actually find out why My DSLR held me back while travelling Europe for 70 days and my travelers review on the Sony A6000.

darkstars.medThis small compact, yet light and versatile is full of innovation ideas and technology which is great to use for beginners that like the point and shoot, but also those professionals that want to make the most of their shot.

  • Much lighter then other mirror less cameras, and significantly lighter then DSLRs
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • 10 different modes including M and auto
  • Tilt screen. Great to use for high or low shots
  • Wifi (it’s like a small computer)
    • Transfers pictures to your phone, while your taking them or afterwards
    • Use your phone as the remote
    • Adjust the setting in some modes
  • 11 Frames Per Second (The best part if you ask me!) Hold that shutter button down and it clicks away
  • 25 megapixels. Amazing sensor to capture the light.
  • Video in 1080p
  • Easy Pre-Set Functions for everyone to use
    • Portrait & Night Portrait
    • Night Scene, handheld night (takes 3 shots and combines them)
    • Landscape
    • Macro
    • Sunset
    • Sport Action (shoots 11 frames per second)
    • Anti-Motion Blur
    • Panoramic – 11 Pictures into 1

falls.medThe Weaknesses of the Sony A6000 –  battery life is on the small side, so extra batteries are a must for me. It’s not a touch screen, but I prefer it not to be. No remote, but at least I can use the phone or countdown timer.

river.medOverall I am extremely happy with what the Sony A6000 has to offer and it suits my needs better then I had ever hope. If you are looking for a light and powerful camera to do almost everything, this is your answer. These pictures are of the just a few from our most recent adventures with the camera. And they most defiantly will improve over time.

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Sunset in the British Virgin Islands