Octopus Dive School Roatan

The El Aguila Wreck

The El Aguila Wreck

Thinking about diving in Roatan, Honduras? Not certified, or have certification in hand. Come down to Octopus Dive School Roatan located in the middle of the Blue Bahia Resort. Here you will find a small dedicated team that will make the best of your day.

Nuria is the owner and is very much involved with the day to day operations and helping with new customers or students daily. Velvet and Eva the two instructors who were kind enough to guide us around every time, showing us each and every new creature we have never seen before. And the boat captain Ricardo who always was there to pick up the left overs, and helped everyone get up and off the boat (and back in).
Octopus Dive School

Roatan Under The Water – Dive Sites

Well Roatan has over 200+ dives sites, and new ones are made yearly. The diving is completely different from the south side of the island to the north side. We did not get the chance to dive on the south side, we did all of our diving on the north side. Which we had the luxury of enjoying crystal clear clam oceans, and very minimal rain. Dives sites within a few minutes boat ride from Octopus Dive School Roatan includes, but not limited to

  • Odyssey Wreck
  • El Aguila Wreck
  • Spooky Channel – lower vis. when in the channel, making it all spooky
  • Bear’s Den – swim in to a cave that looks like a bear’s den, and sunshine from above
  • Hole In The Wall – great dive
  • Green Outhouse – tons of life and always see turtles here
  • Canyon Reef – the roller coaster for divers. Up & Down channels/tunnels.
  • Overheat Reef
  • Gibson Bight
  • Wife Reef
  • Lighthouse Reef – tons of tiny fish, a small nursury.
  • Peter’s Place

The great thing about Octopus Dive School Roatan is they won’t take you back to the same reef twice, they always make the best effort to make sure it’s always a new dive for the customer. We however enjoyed a few dives too much, and begged to do them again, such as the El Aquila wreck and Canyon Reef.

If you are looking for a place to stay at and relax there is the beautiful Blue Bahia Resort, if you are travelling and want to save your money for Scuba Diving, so see Mel at the Roatan Backpackers’ Hostel (trust me, it’s not your typical hostel).

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