Manuel Antonio National Park

Sendero La Catarata

Sendero La Catarata – Waterfall Path

What do you expect to see at Manuel Antonio National Park?

It’s where the jungle meets the ocean of course!

manp.iguanaAnimals that you will find! Monkeys of course, you most defiantly will see the white face and the squirrel monkeys jumping around in the tree tops, if you listen carefully you will hear the howlers off in the distance. Keep a sharp eye out for the sloths, they are extreme slow moving when they do make a move. Racoons adventuring around, they will mostly interested in what you might feed them however. The local deer grazing around, a few extra’s if you are lucky or have a guide are the toucan bird and many more, spiders, snakes, iguanas, frogs, different types of tress. Please do not feed the animals in the park.



sloth.When you do arrive at the entrance of the park you will find everyone there trying to sell you something, but here you can also find a guide (in all different languages). These guides have a very in-depth knowledge and experience of the Manuel Antonio National Park history and the wildlife in the park. If you are looking for a more personal touch feel free to pick a guide.

Manuel Antonio National Park has 7 different view points, and 4 different beaches, 2 of which are fantastic for swimming and enjoying lunch. These are all accessible from the main path/road or the 6 pathways off of it.

What To Bring & Not Bring

monkeyComing for the day? Bring lots of water, if you forgot some you can always buy it from a local before you enter the park, sunscreen too if you are thinking about enjoying the beach. Bring some food so you can have a picnic while on the beach. However some items aren’t allowed in the park when they are searching bags, such as bags of chips, etc. They are trying to discourage people from feeding the animals in the park, and don’t leave your backpack or any bag unattended because they will help themselves.

The park is closed on all mondays, the open hours at the park are from 7:00 – 4:00. It’s coolest in the morning to visit the park, but generally the busiest too.

manp.viewAbout Manuel Antonino National Park:

Located in the surf town of Manual Antonio which is also south of Quepos only 7 km/4.5 miles, or 160 km/98 miles from San Jose. This national park was created in 1970’s and covers 1983 hectares of land plus 55,000 additional hectares of marine. The easiest of the paths are walk able with a small family, and a stroller. If you are more of an adventures and what to take it too the next level, pack some extra water and take a few of the “off the main path” hikes. On these paths you will climb many wooden and concrete stairs with a reward of great views of the Costa Rica or the ocean, you might even find the seasonal waterfall, and some more monkeys.