Hurricane Tips For Survival

We survived 1 of the largest hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean – Hurricane Irma, and lived thru the eye to tell the story. Here are the top 8 hurricane tips for survival we learnt from our experience. Read our story of surviving the eye of Hurricane Irma.

  1. Keep the wind out of the house.
    • Close all the windows, board up from the outside if at all possible.
    • Close and lock doors. Board up from the outside. Option B is secure them on the inside by tying them closed to fixed items in the house or extremely heavy objects.
    • Prop open the doors in the house. Any wind inside the house can flow freely without wedging the doors closed.
  2. Bug-Out-Bag aka if that’s all you had left
    • Passport, ID cards
    • Cash (withdraw cash incase ATMs are down)
    • Fill water container. Pack snacks
    • 1 set of clothing (ideally what your not already wearing)
    • Medication if needed, first-aid kit
  3. Have a Safe Room or location. Depends on your accommodation, could be your bathroom or even the bath tub, closet, under the stairwell. Ideally something in the middle of the house with no or minimal windows
    • Bug-Out-Bag
    • Water and food to snack on
    • Blanket to throw over you and everyone else
  4. Plan B – have one incase your original plan becomes compromised. Plan for another safe room/location.
    • Store water in all rooms of the house you deem as a Safe Room

      A friends apartment roof is missing

  5. Plan for communication failure
    • walkie-talkies, handheld VHF radio, fresh batteries in a reliable AM/FM radio
  6. Charge everything with a rechargeable battery: phones, computer, camera, e-ciggerets, game devises
    • If you have a car, have a charging point in the car for small items
  7. The usual survival items
    • Candles, matches/lighter, flashlights
    • 1 gallon water per person per day to drink or more is ideal
    • Canned goods and non perishable food
    • Duck tape, rope, nails, hammer, hand saw, machete
  8. Other Forgotten Things
    • Fill up the gas tank if you have a vehicle
    • Wash all laundry (could be weeks without water or power)
    • Declutter house to make it easy to move about quickly if needed
    • Gas stove – check your propane supply
    • Collect non-drinkable water in trash bins, coolers, etc to be used for toilet or body washing

Hope this helped or provided you additional ideas that you already haven’t put on your list of things to consider.