Downsizing The Materialistic Goods

We downsized our biggest items in just 6 weeks. We had booked our flights to Europe for the summer, and now we had our deadline to make things happen! It was kind of intimidating really. Our family thought we were crazy for this. We listed our items for sale that day, and started selling. It was sad to see the last one go, but also a relief. There we are, we are going to Europe and to see it all come together, very exciting. Now we are just counting down the days, the only thing that was holding us up was that wedding that included Mel as the bridesmaid.

Tyler's Truck

Tyler’s Big Red Beast

This was Tyler’s truck, The Big Red Beast. It was a hard decision to sell as it was purchased brand new from the dealership, and built from the ground up. This was the reliable beast we used to go camping with or tow the toys. But most of all the stories that go with this truck, and the adventures it’s been on are countless.

Mel's Truck

Mel’s Truck

This was “Her Truck” aka the Pavement Pounder. We came across this truck as our fiends were selling it, and it’s the sister truck to Tyler’s. This was built by Tyler when his was built. So we had the matching lifted trucks, the driveway looked good. Here in Alberta it’s not uncommon to see lifted trucks, or pick-up trucks all together.

In the mean time before we leave, our parents were kind enough to lend us their Old jalopies (which are still  pick-up trucks).

Off Road Tent Trailer

Off Road Fleetwood E2 Tent Trailer

When we first met, Tyler had a small old tent trailer that was dragged EVERYWHERE. So we decided to upgrade cause it wasn’t really cutting it, or making it too where we go. So we visited the yearly RV show in Calgary and found what we were looking for, an Off Road Tent Trailer. After searching high and low for a used one as they were rare, we found it about 2 hours away. In the first summer we used it 26 times, there is only 52 weekends in a year! We camped from -30’C winters to +40’C summer weather! The Fleetwood E2 model, best fit we found for our needs.

Dirt Bikes

Those Who Ride Together, Stay Together

The Dirt Bikes! They were our passion for adventures and one way to enjoy the great outdoors. Tyler had the Yamaha YZ 250F and Mel had the Honda CRF150RB. Two awesome bikes, and many good times on these.

The Tent

The Tent

After selling all of our items, we are just that much closer to accomplishing our dreams. For us we were one step closer to financial freedom, and saving every penny we could.

We still have many activities to-do. We now spend more time scuba diving, quading, hiking, kayaking or camping in our tiny tent to kill off our weekends. Not living the big life, just the simple life. We still find our adventures and living life.