The Port Town Civitavecchia

IMG_8238Heading to Civitavecchia from Rome? Or vice versa? From the big train station in Rome, jump on the smaller regional train that visit the small Italian towns on the coast, it’s nice short train ride, and it does have A/C! We ended up in this town because we needed to catch a ferry which we pre-booked months in advance, and we were so very grateful we did or we wouldn’t of gotten to the island we had booked at.

The Great Things About Civitavecchia?

The town of Civitavecchia is a small and super friendly town, everyone seems to know everyone. These were the best prices we found on pretty much anything while on Italy’s main land, from renting a room at an amazing BnB, enjoying a cold beer on the beach front, or finding some more good Italian food. This is one of the closest port towns to Rome for the big massive cruise ships to pull into. Visiting Italy and some of the cities throughout the country was different then the other countries, because they all have different operations hours for their business. Sometimes “lunch” was a few hours, or they are closed all together for the month of August, one of the luxuries of a business owner in Italy.

IMG_8242Italians really know how to enjoy their evenings and the night life. Again in this small town of Civitavecchia we found a small theme park to enjoy some rides, from bumper cars, to the ferris wheel. Jump on the ferris wheel, it gives you a great view of Civitavecchia at night, plus the grounds!  The joys of being a kid again!! But it also has something for everyone, music or live shows, a small market from the local shops in town. It’s just a great way to sit back and enjoy the summer evening in Italy.



The Port tis located where?

We had located the port the day before departure, we assumed it was that close; however no one had told us the port entry is on the other side, which turned out to be a 30 minute walk. Which isn’t a big deal, unless your in a rush to board a ferry, in another country, and your boarding pass is all in italian, and you don’t want to miss your boat and be left behind! Lucky for us, we were’t the only ones up early to catch this ferry!

The ferry ride to Sardinia island was suppose to take us about 5 hours, until we hit the head wind, which then delayed us about an hour. So what do you do for 5-6 hours on a ferry? Well your walk around it over and over, and then just lay on the top deck and watch the sea go by!

IMG_8302 IMG_8311

Once we arrived at the huge port of Olbia, We walked off the ferry and into the tourist building. This is where you can find tourist information, or taxi, bus info and most importantly which buses to catch, and purchase your tickets here. We did purchase ours from the small yellow vending machine, and then jumped on the milk run bus and slowly made our way up the coast to the small town of Palau for a week of diving!!!