Cenotes Scuba Diving In Cancun

Cenotes Entrance

Cenotes Entrance

Have you very been to a cave with water in it, like a cenotes before? Or been on that snorkelling tour, at the surface looking down into the deep dark wondering where it goes, well finally we were able to disappear into the dark this time. If you do get the chance to visit a cenote, do it!! They are only in 2 parts of the world, better yet go centoes scuba diving in Cancun.

Location – Easily reached from the Cancun side of Mexico. We were lucky to only be 10 minutes away from the Kukulkan & Cha Mool cenotes which is located by Playa Del Carman.

Excellant buoyancy control is a must, because you don’t want to hurt yourself, or damage the stalactite or stalagmites which took hundreds of years to form.

Kukulkan cenotes had the most light, and lots of big rocks and great area to explore, has a max depth of around 50 feet. Also seen small caves full of stalactites and stalagmites which haven’t been touched or damaged. Cenotes are fresh water caves, but located further down you find the “the milky river”. Which is were the salt water meets fresh water, makes it extremely blurry, and your visibility is very limited. But 1 foot up or down you can over come the haziness. It’s not what you usually encounter when diving.

cenotes.youtubeCha Mool centoes was much darker, the use of the flashlights was constant and the depth was similar to the first dive of 50 feet. This second dive was more of cave dive, as we went from one air pocket to the next, extremely cool to experience this for the first time. As we explored the cave with the guide, he also took us to an air pocket.

The air pocket wasn’t very large at all. We found a small hole which let in some light and fresh air, we only found this because everyone turned off the flashlights. This small air pocket also included some very large spiders, looked more like daddy long legs on steroids. So be cautions when in the air pocket, don’t look up.

As much as cavern diving is, it’s very tempting to keep going future into the cave systems. Which should only be done if you are certified to do so. Hands down one of the coolest dives we have ever done! Which means one day we will get our cave certification to go further in caves.

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Equipment used for cenotes scuba diving in cancun –  5 mm full length wet suit, flash light, no snorkel, and knowledgable guide who is certified to be in the cave with divers.

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