2 Day Adventure In Rome

IMG_7989We were passing thru the big city of Rome with some must see things to do while there, and the list always grows when you are finally there and you can actually see and experience the city. Check out our Travel Tips For Rome for some guidance on this city. But this blog is about what we did while on our 2 Day Adventure in Rome and exploring the large city, so travelling by the local metro train on the Red or Blue line would be a benefit. We did use it just once, our hotel was located closer to the Romain Colosseum. So our mission for the day was to take the train over to the Vatican City then navigate our way back to the Romain Colosseum and then our hotel. Simple right? Well it wasn’t that bad to be honest with you, and we seen and explored much more just by wondering around the streets in Rome. It also killed our day off nicely.

Vatican City

When we did arrive to the Vatican City it was very busy with tons of people and tourists (of course it’s August in Italy). The Vatican City is the smallest county in the world, and you can walk through the city. But if you want to go and visit inside, there is a huge lineup that you can stand in to gain entry to the Vatican City. We were informed that you will need your passports, and proper clothing to gain entry into the country.

Because of the amount of people and tour excisions going on in this area, you will find many agents trying to sell you on this package or that package, or “Skip The Line” package (for a large amount of money), not sure if it’s legit business or not. We did not stand in the lineup, we did how ever purchase a flag and walked around in the city that is amiable to visit from the outside.

Vatican City

Canadian Embassy

Romain ColosseumWhen we navigated back across Rome, we soon discovered the huge Romain Colosseum. It’s huge when you look at the people standing at the base of it, and very cool looking. Tons of history and a little fun to use your imagination too. I couldn’t get Tyler to leave the place, it’s like every mans dream to see that place. I also wasn’t the only person with the same problem. We were talking to some Australian couple on the train later, she had the same problem too. So ladies beware, the men will love this place. Again, there is a huge lineup to get inside and see the place, get up early to visit it, or avoid tourist season. We did walk around the place twice just to make sure Tyler seen every detail on it.

Gotta Touch That ColosseumWe lucked out with a huge balcony at our hotel, so we had the privilege of enjoying the summer evening on the balcony relaxing and enjoying some cold beers. The price of some commodities are on the pricy side, such as alcoholic beverages, so we opted for drinking on our balcony in the evenings.

Upon our first night there, our neighbours from Brazil and whom only could speak very little english (and I mean very little) had asked us if we would like to join them for some vino (ah yes, wine!) Sure, why not! They seem nice, and well if they aren’t we can always skip out. Well before we new it, we had finished off 1 bottle of wine with husband and wife from Brazil, and they were very prescient on feeding us some delicious swiss cheese. Which for the life of us we couldn’t remember the Italian name the next day, oh well. We had discovered that this couple travel, and travel to some unique places in the world. Also with our language barriers of english, spanish and some Italian we had shared so stories back and forth. The gentleman had described one of his stories to us, which turned out to that he had held a world record of staying on his bicycle the longest. But picture an old man in his 80’s or older, and describing to us young kids that he accomplished that world record back in the 1980’s (so basic math tells me he still was old) but still impressive story to share with us. Like any good traveller, we exchanged contact information and said we always have a place to stay when we travel to his part of the world.

The 2 Day Adventure in Rome continues with us back out exploring the city in a random direction for a handful of hours and then leading us back to the Romain Colosseum where we enjoyed some italian Pasta and the view of the Colosseum with the sunset. A nice touch to end our visit in Rome. In the morning we head south to Naples to cross another item off the bucket list, can you guess what that is?

Thanks for reading our 2 Day Adventure In Rome, check out our video from Rome for more details! Interested in the rest of Italy? Check out Venice The Sinking City, or The Leaning Tower Of Pisa, also where we got engaged!