12 Things To Do At Lake Bled

Lake Bled Island

Bled Island

Lake Bled is one of the most beautiful towns located in the Julian Alps of Slovenia, and here is 12 Things To Do At Lake Bled while visiting.

1. Visit the Bled Island of course!

2. Swim in the clear blue mountain lake.

3. Walk/Bike around the lake (6km/3.8miles).

4. Visit Lake Bled Castle and enjoy lunch while up there.

Lake Bled

Traditional Pletna Boat

5. Take a peaceful ride in the Pletna Boat to the island.

6. Rocket down the mountain on the summer toboggan.

7. Must try The Original Bled Cream Cake – Very tasty!!

8. Rent some toys and enjoy the day: bikes, kayaks, row boats, paddle boats, etc.

9.  Take the short trip out to Vintage Gorge.

10. Eat at the Grajska Plaza on the side of the lake. Great food, amazing view, best prices.

11. Jump on the Train Trolly and go around the lake.

12. Enjoy the nightly lake side entertainment and market.

Lake Bled Castle

Lake Bled Castle

If you are traveling from the capital Ljubljana to the lake for the day, the train operates hourly if not more and is an hour or less. So it’s very easy to make it a day trip!


Are you traveling from Lake Bled to Italy? There is no train that crosses the boarder between the counties. Read about how to Train from Lake Bled to Venice.


Lake Bled had 2 train stations, Lesce Bled train station requires an hour walk to the lake or a quick bus ride down to the Lake Bled. Bled Jezero train station is on the “far side” of the lake and is much closer, however not all trains arrive to this station. Once in town you will find many restaurants and stores to shop among, and many more things to do. Best of all, the view of the beautiful lake nestled in the Julian Alps.